One of the priority actions of the Haravéri botanical garden is the research and conservation of biodiversity, as well as the ecological processes that occur there. Currently and jointly with the University of Guadalajara, research on birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians is carried out.


The research and management actions carried out have allowed us to establish concrete conservation actions that favor the continuity of processes (ecological and evolutionary), on the preservation of isolated species or communities; thus ensuring the conservation of the cloud forest from a perspective of functional ecological integrity.

Environmental education

One of the pillars of the botanical garden is environmental education. The botanical garden has permanent actions such as guided tours where visitors can learn about the ethnobotanical uses of plants, the importance of forests and the interactions that occur.

In addition, educational workshops are held inside and outside the garden, where they can explore the biological diversity of the cloud forest and develop early scientific skills and attitudes aimed at assessing and conserving biodiversity.

The Haravéri botanical garden is an open space for research, so that young people can start their knowledge, through professional practices, social service and thesis development.

Community development

One of the permanent actions is the rescue of environmental and gastronomic knowledge of the municipality of San Sebastián del Oeste; with the team of the Jardin Nebulosa restaurant, tours to the different locations are made to know the uses the community give to biodiversity. Considering Gastronomy as a conservation, valorization and biodiversity management strategy.